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There are some books out there for 'smithing/modifying the 98 Mauser and its clones, but others seem to be more general. Jim Carmichel's book on Gunsmithing is pretty good, in my opinion, but I'm a hack. If you have something you are specifically looking to do, someone here might know of a book that goes into detail about that, but a general gunsmithing book that covers all the different makes and models of bolt guns might be hard to find. Some other titles are Gunsmith Kinks (several volumes available from Brownell's), Gunsmithing Rifles by Patrick Sweeney, Gunsmithing by Roy Dunlap, Bolt Action Rifles by Frank DeHaas (more of detailed information of bolt rifles than gunsmithing techniques), Riflesmithing by Jack Mitchell.

The Book Trail has a pretty good listing of several gunsmith books as does Brownell's. I think it depends on what you are looking for, as a hobbyist or professional and what tools you have available.

Sorry I couldn't come up with a definitive volume, the Jack Mitchell book is very good, but the others have their strong points also.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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