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There continues to be some confusion on the .375 Beartooth. Maybe this post will clear up some of it.
The revised case is made on the .350 Rem Mag. Any .375 H&H case will work, however to gain a little case capacity and require less neck reaming, the .350 Rem case was recommended. It should be undestood that this wildcat was tailored to fit the big Marlin .450 action. The length of the case was designed for cast BTB's, with the shoulder moved back to cover all the lube grooves!This gave less case capacity than some people wanted, but due to the ovarall length needed for the Marlin, we still have to live with it. There are many wildcats out there, but this one is designed anound BTB's and the Marlin .450 action. There has to be no modifacation at all to the action.
The posted loading data was designed around IMR powders and their avg .86 density to water. The loads were based on the working pressure most believe is suitable for the Marlin action. For the brave at heart. there is plenty of case capacity to up the pressures with high density Ball powders.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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