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whats my gun??????

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I know it's a S&W 669... What I'm after is a kydex paddle holster. Need todays model of same brand or other brand pistol w/ same basic dimensions. Sig,Ruger,Taurus,Glock etc. Thanx
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I've owned several 6906s and still have a early 6904 with the square trigger guard. I've heard that some holsters for the SIG 228 or HK USP compact will work for the Smith. Best thing to do is take the gun to the gun shop/gun show and try them for fit.

well that there fits into the daddy ,son ,talk you shoulda got when you was ,,say 12 year old..:) of course if you was raised on a farm knew what your personnal gun was a lot can get a inferiority complex too if you happen to have a stallion on the place..please excuse my humor .. slim
Say What Sir. Slim?????????????? How about an answer to my question?? No wonder some posters have such high post numbers
I have a 669 as well and also had a hard time finding the proper holster for it. And I didn't come across any kydex or thermo-plastic holsters in my search either.

I did buy this for it though, and it seems to fit nicely.
Nice holster but I ruined a nice Ruger Security Six by useing leather so I'm gun shy ( sorry for the pun) . Got the neighbors Ruger one for now so I'll just keep searching.. Got some good shops in the tri state area so day trip is in order. Got Mass LTC-A , NH non res and VT doesn't need one so I should be able to find something . I HOPE.... Still wonder what other guns are the same size.
How did you possibly "Ruin" a gun solely by using a leather holster?
Blotched the blueing . Should have specified FINISH... Didn't normally leave it in the holster. Had Major surgery and the gun was not my number one concern. Sat for about 12 weeks in a real humid location. Ya I know thats a dumba$$ thing to do .. Still don't want leather.
the closest I could ever come was from Uncle Mike's

Size 18 fits a S&W 5906 9mm Single stack. I would assume the slide is approx. the same width (or close enough to fit) and the grip is the larger part?? I don;t know, but I've never cared enough to risk the $30 or so to try.

Have you sent some emails/phone calls to the specific holster companies to see what they recommend?

Yup ...........Got info on a couple... Just gotta find em ..The online folks I use are trying to get me the rifht one from Unk, Mike.
Which Uncle Mikes? I have several of there Kydex paddle models (Beretta 92, SIG 226, M1911 5" and Glock 19) and would like to get one also for my 6904 with the square trigger guard. Ordered two from Natchez Shooters Supply (1911,G19) a few months ago for about $12.50ea.

Can't find my info but size 18 or 22 come to mind.. Feeble as it is LH model 18 on sale for $10.99!

I like there paddle holster better then the belt holster model. With the paddle you can still use it as a belt by run the belt through the paddle or just insert paddle behind pants, don't always need a belt (good for sweat pants) And they last two, I believe it had both options in the box (quick glance when home on leave last month). Only suggestion I'll make with Uncle Mikes or any kydex is to lock tight the screws down. I had some come loose and lose on my Kydex double mag holder in Iraq in late 04'. Will need to order one for a Smith J frame thats on order now also and only $13.

Thanx CD... I've got the Unk Mike like that for my Glock 22.. I dropped down one set of holes to drop the holster down on my side. I used blue locktie on the screws. Ain't loose yet after a year and a half.Only drawback I found was putting the darn thing over the belt.. I ordered the Ruger one like my nieghbors just for chuckles and I modify it to fit.. It's so easy to use and I like the coated paddle that goes against ya..
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