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what's the minimum equipment required to get started?

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I have used a Coleman stove to melt lead for my sinkers and .490 round balls for my TC muzzleloader. Not much experience but a start. I reload .38, .357, 9mm, and will start on 44 mag. I only shoot paper and steel targets with the pistols. I am considering casting the .44's. Is it necessary to size the bullets after casting? All of my equipment is RCBS. I see that RCBS makes a sizer/lubricator for about $110. Is there any type of sizer die that will attach to my RBCS Jr. press to allow the sizing and lubricating of bullets? Investing in a lead furnace and thermometer would be useful for the sinkers and round balls, but I'm having problems justifying the cost of $110 for the sizer/lubricator. (Actually justifying this cost to the wife). Thanks for your input.
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In revolvers generally if the loaded cartidge will chamber you will not need to size it. I have several lyman moulds that drop bullets that are a little large for the barrel but fit the chamber just fine. There are some people who have told me to slug the cylinders of the revolver and size to that. Holds down leading. Oversized bullets rarely lead. Undersized bullets however will. For a fact you need the Lyman cast bullet handbook. If your not in a hurry you can usually get one in pretty good condition at ebay or one of the other auction houses and save some bucks. MIght look there first. Good luck with your casting. Try not to get disgusted. It really is quite enjoyable after you get the hang of it.
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