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what's the minimum equipment required to get started?

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I have used a Coleman stove to melt lead for my sinkers and .490 round balls for my TC muzzleloader. Not much experience but a start. I reload .38, .357, 9mm, and will start on 44 mag. I only shoot paper and steel targets with the pistols. I am considering casting the .44's. Is it necessary to size the bullets after casting? All of my equipment is RCBS. I see that RCBS makes a sizer/lubricator for about $110. Is there any type of sizer die that will attach to my RBCS Jr. press to allow the sizing and lubricating of bullets? Investing in a lead furnace and thermometer would be useful for the sinkers and round balls, but I'm having problems justifying the cost of $110 for the sizer/lubricator. (Actually justifying this cost to the wife). Thanks for your input.
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You dont really need a lot of equipment to get started casting. You already have a stove and a lead pot. I suggest a Lyman or RCBS dipper. Try a Lee mold in .38 caliber. If you try a plain base bullet you can lube by hand or use Lee tumble lube. I have a Lyman 450 lubricator sizer and I still lube many bullets by hand. I like the Lee push through bullet sizers also.
Probably the first piece of equipment you should get is the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. Mid South has it at a very good price, as does Midway and others. Go to the Lee web site and look at the mold, lead pot and push through sizer instructions, you will learn quite a bit - quickly.
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