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whats up BAR ?

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Purchased a BAR longtrac in 7 mm rem. Bought VX3 scope. Cant get it to group at all. Is tbeir any problems out their with this gun? Yes the mounts are tight and torqued,tried winchester, Hornady, and Remington. Nothing will group better than 6 to 8 ". Thats in a vice, sandbags, anyway you want to shoot. At 100 yrds the group is a little better not much. 200 yrds is where I need the zero for this rifle. Tried scope on another rifle no problems which was also a 7 mm. I'm beginning to believe the aluminum reciever is not stable. Any ideas, suggestions are more than welcome beautiful rifle, may soon trade in and grab a Sako, I've just always wanted a BAR thinking different now. Thanks
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you say that the only way to get the rifle to group is to take the scope out of the equation. How are you doing this because that rifle didn't come with iron sites? If your saying that your leaving it clamped and shooting five rounds trusting the rifle has not moved and its grouping then the rifle is fine. If when you have the scope mounted and rifle clamped then each time you fire it you look through the scope and readjust the rifle to make the crosshair center your target again then fire it again and your shooting horrible groups then the issue is with the scope or the mounting hardware.

A test you have already performed I think your just not reading the problem correctly. The rifle groups good without the scope, why? If the receiver was moving like you think it is, the rifle should shoot bad groups with or without the scope period. I am assuming your clamping on the stock.

mount the scope back on the rifle, put the crosshairs where you want on the target, fire a round and peer through the scope, don't make an adjustment, if the crosshairs are off the original point of aim so be it, fire a second round look again without making any adjustments continue with all five rounds. If it groups well and your point of aim is changing each time the issue is in the optics somewhere.
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I sure hope the OP comes back and lets us know how it turns out. I would like to have a BAR and if their is an issue i sure would like to know what it is beforehand.
what I'm apparently misreading is that you typed that the rifle groups without the scope. I read that to mean you were happy with the group size without the scope. Your saying that even with the rifle clamped the best group size is 6-8"?
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