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Whats your favorite gun/youtube video ?

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i finally found my favorite video well gun related one anyway on utube . i looked for it about 3 years ago but i guess it took awhile for some one to upload

A revivew of the 460 wby in mark v with accubrake

tell me what y'all think of the finish . another video i somewhat liked was of a win m70 made in the 30's i think chambered in 257 roberts
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The .460 Weatherby Mag. I shot several years ago didn't have the muzzle break. It did have open sights and when I fired it it did make me take a couple of steps back! However, the recoil wasn't all that bad for such a monster cartridge. Just a VERY healthy shove to the shoulder. :)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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