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I have heard some "experts" say April. Others say September. Most agree it wasn't in December. But I know he was born in my heart in June of 1973 and all the twinkling lights, good cheer, and giving of the Holidays only reminds me that He is being born into lives now, even as I write this.
Merry JESUS CHRISTmas to all and to all a GLORIOUS Year.

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Sunday Creek,

Thank you for sharing. Jesus was born in my heart as a young child, thanks to my parents who were devout christians. They have since started their eternal life with our heavenly father within the past few years.

The wonderful story of Jesus birth is explained in the bible but apparently God did not think it was of any importance to tell the time when Jesus was born, since there is no reference that I could find in the bible. As one of the months you have indicated, most biblical scholars I know feel it was in September-October.

As we know, of much more importance is the reason that he lived and died .... for us so that those of us that would believe in him will have eternal life with him in Heaven.

I'm looking forward to that day................

Your brother in Christ,
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