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Where can I find a holster?

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Got a brand new S&W 44 model 629 (no scope) and no holster. Not much to pick from at local gun stores. Have found a couple manufacturers on the web. I need some good selections. Leaning towards a shoulder holster. Any one have any ideas?:confused:
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I agree with Chief Rid,for quality and price you can`t beat El Paso Saddlery.I have the Tom Threepersons style in regular and cross draw and also the pancake style.Personally I found the Mdl.629 to heavy in a Bianchi shoulder holster but the Mt. gun was great. As Elmer said, let each dog scratch his own fleas in his own way.

Be sure and check out Bob Mernickle`s site for a great single action holster. The one that I bought for a 51/2 Vaquero can be worn strong side or cross draw. It has an extra belt loop for cross draw. I also bought one of his double thickness belts which could be used for a dress belt, it looks that good. I am pleased with both and I don`t please easily.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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