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I have a Ruger LCR that I really like to carry and shoot. It is light (13 oz.) and I also carry in the pistol Corbon 110 Gr. hollowpoints. 5 of those in the gun barely adds anyweight to the overall weight of the gun being loaded.
These bullets are expensive, and I want to practice with a similiar weight bullet I can cast myself. Using the same weight bullets will replicate the carry loads, although slower than the factory loading because they will be WW alloy bullets. The Dilemma: I don't think there is a 110 grain RN bullet for .38 is there? I haven't found any modern offerings yet. Any ideas where something like this could be found? casting and reloading my own practice loads would be much cheaper than trying to practice with factory loadings.
Thanx in advance ........
Ohio Rusty ><>
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