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We are looking for information; on where we can get Redfield scopes repaired. We have over 20 Redfield Illuminators, with Accu-Tracs, & BDC; which need repaired.

We have another 10-15 Redfields, such as Golden 5 Stars, & Low Pros; most of which, have the Accu-Trac, with BDC. Almost all of them, need repaired.

We have tried ABO, & Iron Sights. Neither are acceptable.

Iron sights, will take your money, then spend a year, or so, before returning your scope. We tried them two times. They did the same thing both times. Neither scope was repaired, when we got it back.

ABO isn't any good either. We have sent them over 10 different Redfields. Half of them; we have had to send back, to be repaired again.

We just had three; 3-9 Illuminators, with Accu-Trac, & BDC repaired (by ABO). They took over 6 months. The repair bill, on these three scopes, was $610.00. First one, had to be sent back because the cross hairs were loose (we had to pay the freight, but they warrantied it). The second one, broke the ocular lens, first shot out of the box. Fourth shot, broke the cross hair. We sent it back. ABO now wants us to pay another $250.00, to repair this scope; AGAIN. We told them, to return it to us.

ABO is not only incompetent; they do sloppy, slip shod work; & they do not stand behind it.

If anyone out there knows where we can actually get these scopes repaired; so they work, please let us know.

We are probably going to have to repair them ourselves. Does anyone know where we could get instructions, on how to tear a Redfield apart? Any help here, would be greatly appreciated.

How about the spanner wrenches required, to remove the lenses? I have a hunch, they are manufactured, by the scope companies; themselves. Anyone have any information, on where we could obtain any of these tools?

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Sorry to hear Iron Sight is slipping. They were never too speedy but the work I had done was always acceptable. Still using one of the scopes they repaired for me.
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