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Hey New Guy
Welcome to the community of bullet casters, scroungers. and alchemists.
Part of the fun, for me, is finding sources for lead alloy, then turning that lead into usable ingots of bullet metal.
I've done a fair job of scrounging up casting tools from yard sales, gun shows, even flea markets.
I've not had much luck using Lee casting products other then their lead pot. I'd suggest that if you have difficulty working with the Lee molds, don't give up. There are many other very good mold manufactures and that produce easy to work with molds.
If you hit the gun shows and yard sales I'd bet that you'll come up with some usable molds or at the least, trading plunder. You know the drill, I'll trade this mold for your mold and 6 of your wife's apple pies......
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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