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New guy,

Bullet Casting is just as much fun as reloading. By all means start casting. I despise most commercial cheapo cast bullets, you can do much better spending your money on a beginners casting setup. (more fun and better bullets on your first try.)

Bare Bones Casting Setup:
- used 5 quart cast iron pot - &#3610
- Coleman stove or similar heat source - &#3640
- Lyman/RCBS/Rowell ladle - &#3612
- Lee bullet mould #452-255* w/ handles - &#3618
- wheel weights - free (or cheap)
- 1 lb. 95/5 tin solder - &#367
- wooden stick to loosen sprue plate - free

less than 100 dollars to start. you can cast the bullets leave them unsized and pan lube them (stand the bullets up in an old pan & pour melted homemade lube and let harden)

If you like it you can add equipment and spend more money. If you don't the solder and the coleman stove are useful in other ways so you're out 50 bucks. You've blown more than that on a bad restaurant.

Elmer Keith's "Sixguns" got me started casting. You need this book so go get it.
Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook is also worth having. Post your questions on the board and you'll get help.

take care

* Lee moulds are not the best but will do fine while you are trying casting out. this bullet is a plain based (no gas checks) and should perform better than the beveled base most cheap-junk cast bullets have.  A Lyman or RCBS mould will run more like 65 dollars with a set of handles.

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