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I have decided to add a lever gun to my collection. I have decided on Marlin's model 336 or 1894, I just need to choose a caliber. I am stuck between the .44 mag, the .357 mag, or the venerable 30/30. Here are my details:
1. I don't reload
2. I may/may not hunt with it (live in Georgia)
3. I have a bolt action .308 for hunting
4. I have a 12 ga pump shotgun
5. I have .22 calibers
6. I have a .357 self defense revolver
7. I am NOT wealthy
8. In my area, the model 336 is $280, the 1894 is $380
9. I don't do cowboy action shooting
10. Buying it primarily because I don't have a lever action yet.

Any advice or insight would be GREATLY appreciated

roy d.
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