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Don't get much of a chance to share purely opinions much anymore!  So, I'll jump on this one!

Keep in mind, it's only that.... my opinion.

Those .357 Magnum lever rifles are a real kick in the pants.... since you're not a handloader, it would offer you some real versatility in your lever-gun.

First, if you did decide to use it hunting, either the 180g Federal Cast-Core or the Remington 180g Core-Lokt loadings would offer you some really potent venison and hog medicine.

Second, .357 ammo is available just about anywhere that ammunition is sold, and it is much cheaper per round to shoot than .30-30!  Then, there's the prospect of just plain fun plinking using .38 special ammo!  This stuff is bargain priced as a price leader in just about every gunshop, sporting goods outlet and discount house around.  Too, at gunshows the folks selling the remanufacured ammo sell these light .38 spcl. loads dirt cheap.

Finally, these little guns are very versatile.  They are equally well suited to shoot anything from fox squirrels to hogs with the right loads, and taking some range constraints into account.  The gun is easy on the shoulders, with light loads is easy on the ears, ammo is easy on the budget (whether buying factory or rolling your own), the carbines for the .357 are also light-weight making them a delight in the woods, and lastly, you already have a .357 revolver, so it would make a wonderful companion piece.

OK, so I'm partial to the .357 lever-guns.... this is NOT and unbiased opinion!  OK?


God Bless,

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