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Which powder & how much?

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I've got some BTB 330g LFN that I want to load for. I was thinking of using either H322 or H335. In his Tech Notes #3 M. Stanton used 48-50 grains of H322 and 54-56 grains of H335.

I want to reload the 330g for moose. Any guess at what my "range" of powder loading is? Can I use 45 grains of H322? 52 grains? To begin, if I use H322, I was going to start with his 48 grain load and see how my XLR shoots it.

Is there a reason that either H322/H335/Varget would be better than the other regarding hunting applications?

Thanks for any insight.
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With the older 1-38" twist I could not get enough velocity to stablize.
I still load for a buddy with a 24" barrel .444 from the early 70's. It will not stabilize anything above 265-270gr. My 77/44 with a 1:20 twist shoots 300gr bullets quite well. I'd put a pretty good bet down that a 330gr bullet would absolutely need a 1:20 to stay point on.

If you have a legitimate reference, and BTB is unlikely to publish an irresponsible one, you are in a good place to stay within the window specified, and outside that, you are on your own.
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