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Which powder & how much?

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I've got some BTB 330g LFN that I want to load for. I was thinking of using either H322 or H335. In his Tech Notes #3 M. Stanton used 48-50 grains of H322 and 54-56 grains of H335.

I want to reload the 330g for moose. Any guess at what my "range" of powder loading is? Can I use 45 grains of H322? 52 grains? To begin, if I use H322, I was going to start with his 48 grain load and see how my XLR shoots it.

Is there a reason that either H322/H335/Varget would be better than the other regarding hunting applications?

Thanks for any insight.
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Varget is a little bulky. If you have the fast-twist barrel it may be OK and you will probably top out at about 2,000fps with all you can stuff in the case. With the older 1-38" twist I could not get enough velocity to stablize.
Marshall says the 330s stablized for him in the 1-38" but his loads were a bit faster. That might be all the difference it takes - or the individual gun may have something to do with it.

I put a few of them in the lathe and took enough off the noses to get them down to about 315gr and that was enough to bring the groups back down again. 330gr. is definitely on the edge of stability with that twist rate.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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