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Which would you say is better ?

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Does anyone have any hands on knowledge with the Swift Premier Rifle Scope 3-12x56 30mm or the Cabela's Alaskan Guide 30mm ( 3-12x52 SF or 4-16x52 SF ). I'm looking to get a new Savage Model 111 Long Range Hunter in 6.5-284 Norma and wanting one of these scopes for it if they make the grade here. Thank you so much for any help !
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If you're getting a new rifle, and a hot caliber at that, spend your money on a tried and tested scope like a Leupold. You won't be sorry! Nothing good to say about Swift, and Cabelas is not an optical company. For the price of one of those new you can buy a used Leupold and be well ahead. Leupold's quality is excellent and they back their product better than anyone!
This is usually my recommendation as well. The scope is just as importatn as the rifle. As to the question, I know nothing about the swift. No personal experience with the Alaskan Guide, but have heard some good things about it. I stick with Leupolds for the most part.
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