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About 30 years ago, I had the Huntingtons at RCBS make me up a special set of .44 Magnum dies. The are a work of art, to say the least! Of course, they are not carbide. They do have six different seating stems for the seating die, based on bullet ogives popular then.
Well....Yesterday I decided to put together super accurate BTB .432" 265 gr loads to test in the Marlin 1894P. Since I am convinced those RCBS dies give the best bullet alignment in seating...I pulled them out to use on cases I had already sized, expanded, and primed in the Lee dies. I found one of the seating stems that fit the bullet just right. I set the case, with powder, in the shell holder and noved the ram up on the Rockcrusher. What I managed to do was drive that .432" into the top of the seating die...big time! Then it dawned on me that this set of specialty RCBS dies were made when the standard size for .44 magnum was a .429" bullet(does anyone remember back then?). Well, I finally got the bullet out! After some close checking, I found the not only was the seating die different, but also the sizing die.
I really don't know if RCBS has changed their specs, but it is something to watch for. Now my solution is simple. If I am to load jacketed bullets (which I seldom do)...use the RCBS. I will send some bullets (BTB .432" 265 grainers) up to Lee and get the seating plunger to fit the bullet.
Just some thoughts.....Best Regards, James  
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