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Wilcatting Books

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Hey guys, just wondering if any of you know of a good book about wildcatting? I'm looking for something that explains things like design considerations of cartridges, mainly. I'm not really looking specifically for a wildcatting book, but I am more interested in the cause and effect side of the design of a cartridge. For instance, how changing neck diameter, body diameter, neck length, cartridge length, body taper, shoulder angle all effect the performance of a cartridge.
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The book you are looking for is Principles and Practices of Loading Ammunition by Earl Naramore. I believe this is the best book on the subject.

Nest is The Complete Guide to Handloading by Phil Sharpe. Look in the books forum for a free download link.

The NRA has a book out on Ammunition that is very informative.

For more information on cartridge cases:

Designing and Forming Custom Cartridges by Ken Howell. This is probably the best book available currently

Than Handloaders Manual of Cartridge Conversions by John Donnelly. Not quite as good, the drawings leave a lot to be desired but there is quite a bit of solid data on case forming and fire forming.

Home Guide to Cartridge Conversions by George Nonte. At one time this book was the: “Gold standard but it is over shadowed by Ken Howell’s book.

Illustrated Guide to Cartridge Dimensions by Wolfe Publishing. Not data other than a first class drawing of the cartridge and the known dimensions. There is a story behind this book but I leave it to read Ken Howell’s book to: “find the pearl.”

Wildcat Cartridges by Richard Simmons. This is an oldie but goodie.

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Well, looks like that should just about cover it!

Thanks Slim.
Yes, don’t get me to talking about books; I’ll bore you to tears.
It’s best to start with your local library’s inter-library loan program. None of these books are cheap on today’s used market. You need to hold them in your hands to see which of them will suit you best.
Unfortunately, I'm nearly a two hour drive away from the nearest library that does book trading.

It's really ok means I have an awful lot of books around that I get to reread, and grab for reference when necessary.
If you missed the thread with the link to Sharpe'sbook it is post #7.

In Texas we term this: "living out." Many have a small apartment for: " staying in."
Least We Forget

Do not forget the most famous of them all(IMO),P.O. Ackley. Take a look at his two volume set,"Handbook For Shooters And Reloaders". It is a great source of info.----pruhdlr
+1 on the P.O. Ackley books. One of my main refrences.
I would like to mention " Wildcat Cartridges" by Zeglin It covers things such as , has it been done before, results of improvements, design principles, a list of reference books and software with descriptions of content, case forming methods, accuracy and cartridge design, etc..
Straight forward info without going extremely in depth. It has all the info you need to wildcat.
I forgot to addthat one. It is on my want list and is working its way to the top.
Lots of good stuff here...and an awful lot of shopping to do!
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