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This is a Wolfe Publishing book that details 117+- Wildcat rifle cartridges and some 30 odd handgun cartridges. Typically, the history of cartridge class is dealt with, the need for the wildcat, what its primary purpose is (hunting, long range targets, bears, varmints, knockaround gun, etc), the process of wildcatting, cartridge dimensions, loads, accuracy reports as well as velocities, game taken or tournaments won, and detail of the rifle or handgun modifications.

Its a very good book for anyone interested in Wildcats. Much more comprehensive than Volume I. It was published in 1992, so new 'cats based on the RUM, SAUM, WSM or WSSM, Dakota or Lazzeroni cases aren't included.

Beartooth forum member James Gates has a write up on the 25 Krag Improved included.

Cartridges range from .14 caliber to the 460 Van Horn and 50 Alaskan.


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