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Wildcats on the .450 Marlin? And...

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Hi, I'm not a wildcatter or even (I hate to admit it) a handloader, but it seems to me that the .450 Marlin has a lot of possibilities as a parent case. With the belt to control headspace, it would be ideal for a neck down to .400-.416 (it is my understanding that headspace is a concern on the .400 Whelen). Also it seems to me the case would be ideal for a short bolt rifle for those who don't care for lever rifles. I think about the Gibbs Enfield in 45-70 and wonder if it would handle the .450, advantage would be not worrying about someone stuffing your hot 45-70 handloads in a Trapdoor Springfield or original black powder lever rifle. Besides, wouldn't a short woods rifle on the Model Seven or a Featherweight or Ruger Ultra light be cool?
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There have been a lot of potentially great cartridges and guns that have fell into obscurity because of the lawsuits you mentioned. Ken Waters and others believe this was the biggest blow to the 1895 Winchester. Apparently quite a few of these rifles were loaded with 8mm Mauser cartridges our soldiers brought back from the first World War. Stuffing a 8mm round into a 30 caliber rifle resulted in very detrimental effects to the rifle and shooter. Winchester proclaimed the action was not as safe as the bolt guns of the times and, this as much as anything, helped lead to the demise of a wonderful and accurate lever action rifle.
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