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Hi, Jimmy:
   I use the 3/8 X .093 disk in my FP most of the time. The 3/8 x .050 disk is pretty dim except in bright sunlight. The 3/8 X .125 Twilight disk,  with the brass ring, is passable in dim light. I find I can lose the ghost ring (no disk) under certain conditions.

   The Ashley rear sight has a bit smaller hole (.191) than the Williams (.213) and looks a bit thicker. Ashley also has a .150 and a .230 as well as a threaded .213 that takes Williams disks. I haven't used an Ashley.

  The kids knocked the brass bead off the front sight so I painted it white. That works a lot better. Marshall really likes the Ashley white line front sight while Mr. Gates doesn't like the Firesight in bright light. You'll find their comments here if you search away back.

  I got trifocals a few weeks ago and went up 15 points at our pistol club match, compared to shooting the previous match with bifocals. Both the front sight and the target are in reasonably good focus with the trifocals, while one or the other was fuzzed right out with bifocals.


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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