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Well well, I guess if you don't have double rifle to hunt you can't go. Hey lets have a rifle match,levers versus doubles. There won't be caliber limitation just the targets that weigh a lot. Maybe some smart guy or girl could figure out a big heavy steel target  that would serve as a power factor. Kinda like pepper poppers set a little forward so the 38 stupid and 9mm wont knock them over. I have'nt tried to shoot a cape buffalo yet and when I go I'll be using a 505 gibbs and a lever for everything else. I'm an American and NOTHING is more AMERICAN than a lever action rifle. Screw those double rifles and crank on. I don't know about some of the people on accuratereloading, they seem to lack field experience, just look what the 45/70 has already done in the game fields around the world and then stand on some loads and figure what it will do with modern powders and bullets and bullet design. A 400 grain LBT leaving the muzzle around 1900 fps is not going to penetrate and wreck everything along its path? I suppose the factory 405 loads would be a poor choice for buffalo but the American bison was killed off mostly with 500 grain lead at 1200fps. Take your 45/70 to Africa and kill everything you want.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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