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Win 1895

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Are they out yet?
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I haven't seen one, but it sure makes you chomp at the bit don't it?
I have paid my cash but unfortunately it is unlikely that I will see any in my part of the woods up in Canada.  The going rate for a 1895 Grade I .405 Win is C$1230 (US$765).  How does that compare?
I think that is a very good price. I bout my .30-06 last year on a clearance sale for $600. The store across the street still had there's market at $900 which is what they list for here in Anchorage.
I don't know if it matters much, but I have found 3 1895's NIB in the 500-600 range on a couple of internet sites (30/06, 2- 270s).  Of course, you have to pay shipping and an FFL to take the order for you AND you don't get to see it till it's yours.  FA18CUB, have you check RAL on Fireweed?  They don't have much in stock, but order what you want, lots cheaper than anywhere I found in Anchor town.
I checked a couple of on-line shops yesterday and it seems all rifles of this flavor are "allocated".  I don't know if the shops just ordered for specific customers or if there is a waiting list for these.  I'm sure the demand will be high or even exceed supply.
Be patient y'all. Remember a coupla years ago when the new 1886 EL was "allocated"? These '95 .405s will be available,too. Keep the faith.
I saw a 405 on the site for Youngs Guns.  They will ship to FFL dealers.  Price was $899.
I saw on another thread where you were wondering about the '95 in 45/70.  I don't know, you can never tell what goes through the manufacturer's minds, but I kinda doubt they will.  I was under the impression these were reproductions of their original line.  That would limit these to the 30/40 Krag, 270, 30-06 and 405.  I think there were two blackpowder chamberings too, but did not include the 45/70.  There was a Russian Military musket version, but doubt that would be reproduced.  At least this is the path they've followed with other limited production runs of "obsolete" firearms.
actually, the original chamberings did not include the 270 win.  they were 30 us(30-40),38-72,40-72,30-03,30-06,303 brit,35 win,405 win,7.62 russian.  i have 3 originals-a '06 take down with a lyman 21 receiver sight, a reg '06, and the best of the lot--a35win made in 1903 with a lyman 21.  the 35 win was factory loaded with 250 jacketed at about 2150 fps--right there with the mod 71 and 348 win but in a round nose.
You are right rackett!!  <!--emo&:)--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'><!--endemo-->  I stand corrected.  I was trying to pull that off the top of my head.  Thanks for the correction.  I'm still thinking about wildcatting one of these for the 400 Brown-Whelen.  Just haven't made that commitment yet.
Ok fellow 1895 owners.  The tech at Brownells swears on all that is holy that the Lyman 66 WB sight will fit the 1895.  This is the sight designed for the 1886 and Model 71.  Can anyone here verify that?  I'd like to get one, but don't half trust this advice cause I haven't heard it here.
Have any of you fine folks measured the max cartridge overall length in the '95 that is chambered for the 270 or 30-06?

<!--EDIT|alyeska338|April 18 2002,21:07-->
Well, my 1895 came in today.  Beautiful!!!  I love it except for that gol'dang rebounding hammer and that kneecap of a trigger pull.  Great balance, good wood.  Chambered for the 270 version of the '06 and soon as I find me a good 'smith willing to do the work, it will go from being a 270 to being a 400.  Nice rifle, I see why you guys like them so much.  When they put a new barrel on it, it'll get rid of that 4 letter 5 letter word on the barrel.  The new barrel will have express rear sight on it, those buckhorns are gone.

Oh boy!  That sounds really good.  Are you going to mount a peep of any sort or just use the irons?  NECG has a nice 3 leaf that will look very good.  Maybe a white bead? How's the wood finish - bright or satin?  Good luck with it!

I measured my OAL using the Nosler 160 Partition.  Can't remember offhand what I got, but it was not too limited by the magazine.  I'll post my OAL when I get home.  The Nosler groups at about an inch and 1/4 with the buckhorns and is about a 1/2 grain under max.  When I slap a Lyman 66 WB on it, the accuracy should be even better.  I'm considerin' a post front for both the 95 and the 71.  Does anyone have any experience putting these on?  Is it a do it yourselfer job, or best left to a smith?  Neither rifle has a dovetail front sight.
Thanks, I appreciate it.  These rifles are really interesting, I've never had a box magazine type lever rifle before.  I like it a lot!!!

The barrel in all likelihood will be replaced and I'm thinking a rear sight on a quarter rib or express type sight.  The front sight will be a barrel band very similar to the No. 1.  Guess, I'm Africanizing it.  Can you tell I like the No. 1?

Does anybody have a preference of 'smiths to do this kind of work?
Why in the name of John Browning did Winchester feel it was necessary to put a safety on an exposed hammer lever action rifle?  Am I missing something here?  That's like putting a saftey on a single action revolver.

Bully!  Africanizing a 1895 suits.  Since yours is a .270, you may be able to rebore/ream for about half of the cost of rebarrelling(?).  Not as custom-looking, but certainly as functional.

The sights sound good, too.  I think they call the banded front sights, caterpiller sights, for some reason.  New England Custom Gun makes or distributes the sights and can do the work, but you may want find someone in Anchorage.  I wouldn't give this work to a first timer, though.  Nothing more frustrating than sights that can regulate or pop off.

Do not take your new gun to the range.  Those Brownings are pretty accurate and we don't want you falling in love with the wrong girl.


Yeah, I'm talking with Z-hat to see what we can do.  I'll definitely be rebored if possible, lots cheaper.  Z hat offers the express sights and quarter rib rear sight packages and banded ramp front sights.

It looks like the 411 Hawk is much more efficient in terms of cost and time of the two 400-'06 wildcats and even though they keep the '06 shoulder, the case is blown out to .454 giving enough bearing for headspacing properly in the 1895.  New load data for the Hawk equals that of the Brown-Whelen at corresponding pressures.  All Hawk data is kept around 60,000 psi about the same of the '06.  Z-hat now has properly stamped formed brass for the 411 (and all other Hawk chamberings).   They also have the dies.  Swift, Hawk, NEI, Woodleigh, Barnes and others offer a variety of 411 bullets from 280 grains to the 400 grain.

I was having a tough time finding someone to do the 400 BW wildcat on the 1895.  Either they didn't want to work on the '95 or didn't want to put the wildcat in the '95.

Keep your fingers crossed, I really hope this doesn't break the bank.
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