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From the data I have it looks SIMILAR to HS6, but wouldn't swear it's the same. Here's some data from Winchester for 540 in the .45ACP (no COL is listed):

154 gn lead 8.5/9.6 940/1060
180 gn lswc 8.0/9.0 880/980
185 gn jswc 8.0/9.0 825/950
185gn jhp 9.1/10.0 905/1015
200 gn lswc 7.2/8.3 805/925
200 gn fpj 8.1/8.9 825/925
200 gn jhp 7.8/8.5 810/895
230 gn lrn 6.9/7.6 750/860
230 gn fmj 7.4/8.1 745/830
230 gn jhp 6.9/7.6 715/800

I just re-read this and it looks OK, but I'm a lousy typist so if anything looks screwey, don'y use it.

Hope this helps.


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Call Hodgdon and they will confirm this!!!

Yes they are the same. Any differences you see in loading data are due to lot to lot variations. All of the Hodgdon and Winchester ball type powders are made in the same plant in Florida. The actual powder manufacturor is called either Primex or St. Marks Powder and I believe they are now owned by General Dynamics. I have even seen a flyer put out by Hodgdon to dealers stating the following:

HP-38 is the same as 231
HS-6 is the same as 540
HS-7 is the same as 571
H-110 is the same as 296
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