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Hello everyone,
I was offered a Win. 94 Saddle Ring Carbine built in 1987 in the custom shop. Any help with it's value and desireability is appreciated.

16" 45 Colt, extra light barrel. Extra tall and very sharp front sight. Buckhorn rear sight.

Angle eject action.

NO cross bolt safety. It does have the rebound hammer. Top of receiver drilled and tapped for sights.

Highly polished and dark metal parts.

BURL walnut stock with cut checkering in the "ace of spades" pattern. The full length of the comb is flattened and squared. Butt cap is curved blued steel.

Gold medalion on the side of the butt stock reading "Winchester Arms Collectors Association".

The box reads "Special Order # 63xx".

A total of 9 rounds have been fired, otherwise new in box.


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I looked in my "2001 Standard Catalog of Firearms", 11th ED.
by Ned Schwing( 'Batta-Batta" ) sorry, couldn't resist:D under the Winnie collectables section... It had no listing for custom shop guns. It listed extensively all the commemoratives, but no Winchester Collector's Assocation:(

Going on that; the Winnie 16" Trapper is listed as such:

NIB Exc. VG Good Fair Poor
325 250 200 135 100 75

The Winnie Wrangler II- Large loop lever is listed as:

375 300 250 200 150 100

I guess if you could narrow it down to a collectors edition, you might do better.

Hope this helps...
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