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Well it arrived yesterday, nice looking gun -my first Lever gun-I shot many before but never own one. Now the fun begins.:D

One thing I want to mention to any of you that shoot .454 Casull as well, be sure you don't inadvertantly drop one in your 94!!! Just out of curiosty since I have both and reload both I tried to chamber some in the 94- Guess what my 255gr fn nose 454 reload dropped right in an chamber complete to the firing position :eek: I have no need to tell you what would happen if this was done at the range!! Whether the 94 would stand-up to firing a 454 round I don't care to find out:D Now to caviot this all of the factory rounds would not chamber-about 1/16' to long and my 250 XTP reload wouldn't as well.

To end on a good note I had great fun throwing some lead down range with this gun :D Hopefully I get some more shooting done today:D
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