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Win 94

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I am looking at purchasing a Like new Winchester 94 in 375 Win. Any opinions [originally post had options] of this rifle and this caliber?
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ammo 4 the .375

It appears 375 Win ammo is available from Winchester (only with 200 gr bullets) and from Stars and Stripes Ammo (with 225 gr Hornady and 250 gr Hawks).

I live in western Allegheny County.
This place also makes some good .375 fodder along with lots of other calibers incl .358Win, .35Whelen, 38-55, .444, 45-70 and .300 Savage to name just a few. I've also ordered from Stars & Stripes and Conley Precision Ammo. These folks are a LOT easier to work with and your orders are normally en route within 24-48hrs.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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