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I have a Winchester Model 54 with serial numbers tracing to the early 1930's. In an effort to improve the trigger I had Timney install one of their aftermarket triggers. Upon return of the rifle I discovered that to retrofit a Timney trigger designed for the Win. Mod. 70 they took it upon themselves to alter the original bolt so that it would no longer be halted by the original bolt stop. To be clear, when the bolt was cycled after firing the entire bolt could be pulled out of the receiver.

Long story shortened, I replaced the original modified bolt with a replacement bolt and reinstalled the original factory trigger. The rifle is fully functional however the replacement bolt does not fit the receiver nearly as smoothly as the original did. Question 1) I have been told that lapping compound could be used with a lot of elbow grease to polish the replacement bolt surface and improve the situation. Given my previous failures at "improvements" does this sound like a reasonable approach???

Any other suggestions would be sincerely appreciated

Happy new year to all!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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