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Winchester 1885 Disassembly Video

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First off sorry for the poor quality of the video...Here is how to break-down a Winchester Model 1885 for cleaning. This applies to both the Low Wall and High Wall. I made this video after finding information on disassembly to be hard to find and hearing these were difficult guns to take apart. I went ahead and took mine apart and found it to be quite easy and takes under 2mins so I thought I would make a how-to video.

First remove the stocks, two screws on the butt one on the fore. Then remove the two trigger group screws and pull the assemble out the back of the receiver while pulling the lever back to give the trigger clearance. Removing the tension off the mainspring first would probably make this easier. Once the mainspring screw is backed off, but not removed, back off the lever pivot pin set screw and pop out the pin with a brass punch. Next pull the lever/bolt assembly out the bottom of the receiver along with the extractor. Make sure to push the sear out of the way with your thumb while doing this. To get the lever separated from the bolt pop the upper pin out. Assembly is the reverse.

Note the rifle in the video is an original from the 1800's, I do not know whether this will apply to the newer reproductions.
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Just received my Uberti 1885 in 45/70 and while in the shop I did a side-by-side comparison of it to the newer style Browning he had on hand, the Uberti seems like a nice gun but of course hardly the same quality as the the Browning. Since differences between the two are being discussed here I would like to add my observations and that would be basically that comparing these two guns, or the new Browning to an original, is simply comparing "Apples to Oranges"! They seem to share little in common, so little in fact I wonder about comparing them at all. Other than a somewhat similar outward appearance, and really they differ significantly in appearance when compared side-by-side, they share almost nothing in design except for the basic type of action. Please don't misunderstand I am not trying to "knock" either design and I certainly don't intend disagree with anyone's opinion on these guns I only wanted to comment on just how much difference there seems to be between these two rifles.

That Browning was so nice I almost came home with both guns, might just have to run back down there before it gets away!
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