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I was going to purchase a new single shot shotgun recently when my mother said hey we still have your fathers old Winchester 37A 12 Gauge you can have.

2 3/4 - 3" chamber single shot. Introduced in 1973 and went until 1980 I believe.

Anyway the the Forearm Spacer broke years ago. My mother and father not being computer people didn't know you could just go online and order the $9 part. They took it to have it fixed and low and behold the gun shop went out of business and who knows what they did with the forearm (most likely sold it online somewhere).

So I am looking for a complete Forearm for it. I need the entire Forearm with the CATCH PLATE ASSEMBLY (FOREARM LOCKING DEVICE) attached to it.

Anyone have one of these dirt cheap? :confused:
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