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Winchester 94 in 32 WS

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I picked up a model 94 the other day in 32 Winchester Special, that is missing the rear sight ladder.
I checked with gun-parts and they show 2 of them and I was wondering which one is correct.
Is it the one in picture 1 or 2.

The serial number is 159xxxx


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It probably depends on the serial no. range your rifle falls in. My model 64, which is serialized the same as 94's, was made in 1947 and uses the style shown in the lower picture. Hope it helps, HD1
Thanks for your help guys, mine is dated 1948, or 1949 depending on where you check the date.
My serial number is 159xxxx.

My .32 Special Model 94 was made during WW2. I have
the same ladder as the other guys.

Strangms- F.Y.I. be careful listing your rifles serial number "ANYWHERE" on line. !!!! HD1
Huntdaddy1, Thanks for the information, I'll keep that in mind.

Strangms- I should have elaborated further. If you list your serial Number in a post or anywhere else for that matter, anyone could go to their local authorities and claim it as stolen. After all, they would have the serial number and it would be your word against theirs !!! Be careful !!! All good firearms need a good home !!! HD1
I went back and edited the serial number in my post.
Thanks Again for your help.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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