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I had a chance to buy a Win .356 BB but didn't because it wasn't an angle eject.

If Win made a .356 BB AE I'd be interested. All things being equal punching a bigger diameter hole through the big bucks I like to shoot appeals to me. I would have to study the ballistics of the Win .356 BB out to 200 yards and see if it compares favorably to the .307 I'm shooting before I would make the switch. I don't think Winchester made any of the .356 BBs as AE's that could take scopes which would give the .35 Rem Marlin rifles an advantage.
Acutally they do (or did) make a .356 AE in the '94...I have one but on the barrel after .356 AE it says XTR if that counts :D. It'll easily do a 200 yard shot. I haven't done as much work with loads as I'd have liked but with the 180 Speer during load work up I shot this:

That's with 47.3 Ramshots X-Terminator @ around 2500 fps. The next increment started opening up with no substantial increase in velocity. When I shot a 5 shot, it did open up to around 2", but I was short on time and figured enough to kill a deer, esp when when where I was hunting 100 yards was a long shot. I want to put some more time into it work some other loads, esp the 200 Rem Core Lokt RN, but Winchester doesn't recommend RN in it, only flat nose bullets. Maybe I'll shoot some 220 Speers and see how they do.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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