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I got it when it first came to Australia, 18 months ago. Win have enhanced the model's choke since, optimised for 25m. Don't ask me why I bought it, it doesn't do anything practical which a .22LR wouldn't do better. But it is immense fun to shoot. I get 1" groups with Win slugs at 25 m (you need to know what a bad shot I am to appreciate what that says about the 9410 & the slugs). BB isn't appropriate for a .410, there's not enough space for above 3 balls. #4 shot is the best factory mix. I have managed to avoid shooting snakes thus far in my long life, they're beautiful and useful vermin-ridding reptiles, but at this time of year deadly Browns & Death Adders are almost thicker on the ground than blades of grass in the rainforest around our house. A .410 is a great snake gun.
I have the occasional feed problem, but that might be my relative inexperience with cycling lever actions, and the 9410 is a particularly long throw.
There is a school of thought, expressed somewhere on this board by someone, forget who and when, that a .410 is an adequate home defence firearm and is less likely to land a homeowner in legal hot water than a more potent gun.
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