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9410 is a nice piece of work

I got my 9410 packer about two months ago and I'm realy impressed with this little shotgun. At start I had shamefull results with trap and skeet but after five boxes of shells I was bustin clays 18 of 25 avg. It's great for rolling clays. I've gotten 1" groups with Remington and winchester slugs at 25yds and I keep it in 3" at 50yds. I took a doe saturday with it at 45yds, it ran ten yards and dropped.
It does have the sloppy lever inherant with all 94s but tho it has a long stroke it cycles well and you get used to it pretty quik. It doesn't like to cycle Federal 1/4oz loads because the shell is a little thicker. I've got 800 rnds thru it and have'nt hade any sign of ejector problems.
It's definately not a long range gun but it's sure fun to shoot. I'm waiting for snowfall for some rabbit shooting.
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