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Winchester brand scope...problems

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This is a general alert that my experience with the Winchester brand scope has been very negative. I do not know who the private label manufacturer is/was(?) but my 3x9x40MM has had several problems:1) poor glass quality. Even set on a mid-range power like 4x there is perceptible distortion throughout the field of view; not just on the edge 2) internal fogging. This is the first scope in many many years with which I have had a fogging problem.

I purchased the scope on an auction sight for a low cost optic for a camp gun...should have saved the money and hassle.

Be advised......

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I believe they are made in China by a company called Vanguard
I too have heard bad things about the Winchester line of optics. I have only looked through their spotting scope but it was not even worth the $100 price.
winchester use to get their scopes and other optics for them mfr in japan by Hako back when Hako was a good decent optic mfr. however Hako went belly up a few years ago and winchester obviously took their buisness to a less than stellar optic co.
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