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I'm seeking some information regarding a Winchester M-70 stainless Classic featherweight (Post 64) - New Haven, CT. The manufacture date being 1994. I would like to know if the barrel is 'cut-rifled' or 'button- rifled'. Naturally, the barrel is not cold hammer forged being stainless. To obtain information regarding the above has been difficult to acquire. I've sent Winchester an email and may contact them in the near future.

Secondarily, I made contact with Winchester about a year ago to discuss some technical information relating to the aforesaid item. During the course of the conversation, the barrel was discussed (not the forming thereof) but the properties contained within the stainless. The person said that during those years (1994-1996), Hastings barrels were fitted to many Model 70's, unbeknownst to me. I asked him if there were a way to identify such barrels and he said, "No, there is not". I can clearly corroborate the conversation. In fact, I've spoken with Lenny, the Winchester Historical Librarian whom recently retired, as he provided me with an abundance of information.

1.) Is the stainless barrel "cut" rifled or "button" rifled"?
2.) Is there any evidence to substantiate a Winchester M-70 wearing a Hastings barrel, and if so, is there any way to determine this?

Thanks very much for the time and consideration given this post. All replies are most welcome.
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