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Winchester M70, Remington 700, or Sako L691?

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Shopping for a .300 Win Mag for Elk Hunting in Colorado and have available to me the following immediate options (all new, in box):

1) Remington model 700 CDL for ~ $800.00
2) Winchester model 70 Sporter for ~$850.00
3) Sako L691 in Hunter type walnut stock for ~$1100.00 [dealer has had it a few years and may bargain, I haven't really tried yet, just been researching this particular Sako action]

Wondering what the general consensus would be the best/most accurate rifle.

Like the Sako name, but I thing the L691 actions are the least regarded of their line, and were only available for a couple years. It's also a very nice looking gun

Like the look and controlled round feed on the Winchester, but it's one of the latest manufactured and don't know if they will live up to their tradition. I've got a Winchester M70 featherweight in 30/06 and got no complaints.

Remington has name high accuracy out-of-the-box, and they been in business the longest.

Money is not the primary driver, if the Sako is worth the extra couple of $$bills.

Been eye-balling all 3 for about 6 months now, and can't come to a conclusion. Whichever one I choose will get some premium glass [Leupold 3-9 x 40 most likely].

any/all advice appreciated.
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Always liked the looks and reputation of a Sako. Almost traded in a Browning for one at a gun store 12 hours before opener, really good deal! If he would have had rings and base for it I would probably have done the deal.
I'm a Remington fan myself, I have a couple with one of them and a great rifle. I recently picked up a new Win M70 Supergrade and fired about 30 rounds out of it and haven't done any load work with it so I can't comment on it's accuracy. My Remingtons shoot great. There's so many good shooting rifles out there though, I'm of the opinion that most of these rifles shoot better then most people who get behind them. I don't think I'd have an issue with any of them if I liked the rifle. May be worth a look to also check out the Ruger Hawkeye, Browning A or X bolt, Savage, CZ, etc. Some will say x brand is the best shooter out of the box but I think with today's rifles, it's hard to quantify if there is one that really stands out above the others.
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I have a Winchester M70 Classic in .300 Win Mag that is a tack driver. One of the best shooting "out of the box" rifles I have ever shot. With that said, if I were looking for a new one, it would be a Ruger Hawkeye or a CZ.

Good luck.
The rifles you mention are all great rifles but I have a soft spot for Sako's and it would be my choice.
Cant say Im all that familiar with the L691 action, but I will say I've never encountered a Sako that didnt trump most of the American brands (remington, winchester, savage, etc...) quality-wise. I have a 75 Hunter (I know there were refinements to the action between the 691 and 75) and it would be the last gun in my safe if it came down to that. Scary accurate, beautiful piece of walnut, smooth feeding, and just feels solid in the hands. Also has the best factory trigger I've ever owned. So I guess what Im saying is go for the Sako and I think you'll find its worth the extra $$$. Also if you are the first owner and keep her in good shape it shouldnt be too much of a chore to get most or all of your money back out of it if the day ever came you needed/wanted to sell it.
Hm....sounds like mild concensus on the SAKO. which is where I was leaning from the get-go. It's action is smooth as butter, the wood is beautiful, the trigger is the nicest of the lot, and my web searches haven't turned up anything outright negative about the L691 action. There are at least a couple of project guns [re-barreling and stocking] based on the action which are detailed out there. Only negative is a note in a wiki that the 691/591/491 actions were not as highly regarded 'in the popular culture' or something like that. Went back around today and verified all the prices, and the SAKO is $1095; the Remington is $850, and the Win is $800. [misquoted the Rem and Win previously]. I kind of got the Winchester m70 out of my system when I bought the 30/06 featherweight last spring, when the new company/manufacuring arrangement started churning them out in South Carolina [although mine may have been built in Utah according to the box ?]. The dealer has had the SAKO for at least 6 years, and I've bought other guns off him in the past, so I'm thinking I'll try and beat him down to $1000 and go for the SAKO.

Thanks to all for you perspective.
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Rem 700 is what I would buy. I have one in 7mm Rem Mag and out of the box it will cloverleaf 3 shots at 100 yds (if I do my part ....). Also, buy American - but that is just my humble opinion ....:)
I would go with the Sako first if you can get it for what you want. My second choice would be the Remington. Third would be a CZ or Ruger.
Now for years I have been reading and hearing all this "tripe" about model 70 Winchesters!
"Well they are just not as accurate as a Remington or they have a complecated safety. Yes, one thing after another but the truth of the matter is this gentlemen. The Winchester model 70 was made for the hunters, not bench rest shooting etc.

Now it is funny to me, but most of the snipers I ran into during the 1960's and 1970's were using model 70 Winchester's in the 30-06 caliber. Some later tried the .300 Win mag but that extra level of recoil brought down the house often as not.

Now just so you know people a certain Marine Gunny by the name of Carlos Hathcock used his model 70 Winchester to make hits at over 800 yards. I wonder why he choose the model 70 Winchester ? It perhaps was the 3 position safety maby? How about the control round fed magazine? NO it was because the rifle could shoot a projectile far down range with super accuracy. I rest my case gents!

Now I vote for the Winchester model 70 (new improved trigger) and pre-64 action (what ever PH wants in his rifle) having that Mauser type action with big claw extractor. Oh yes, the accuracy down range is also something to behold. All my big game rifles are indeed model 70 Winchester's with pre-64 action. :)
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I've got two Sako's in the 75 Hunter and 75 Varmit. The first is in 223 and the second in 308. The Sako I'm afraid to say beats those rifles made in the U.S of the past 10 plus years or so, but I've had to pay hard earned money for that. I love both of them, and wouldn't get rid of either of them. My Dad has a 75 Hunter in 223 and he loves his like I do.

However, the current Model 70's are simply superb!!!!!! See this link for more info!
I prefer Model 70s. Would not turn down either of the others though.
Well one more vote for the Sako, then second on the winchester .
But first go with what fits the best , then look in your wallet to make sure you can still afford some good Glass.
Out of the three a good scope might just be the deal breaker. Besides having a rifle fit to you . As far as the Elk / moose -what ever :), they want to to buy the worst gun for fit , then top it off with a cheap scope.
I'm afraid that the OP's last post was about 10 months ago on this posting.:eek: However, if it matters, I say SAKO too!! The only Sako I own is about 50 yrs old, but it is one fine rifle!:D
Lets hope some one digs up a question from before the great war and bring it back to life. Wonder how many bites again- before some one see's it is not a current post ?

Only in America
Any of the 3 rifles will get the job done in killing an elk! However, there are certain particulars that one should check out for themselves before they lay down their hard earned money for a rifle. There is no secrete that I am a model 70 Winchester man when it comes to having a rifle in my hands for the purpose of hunting big game animals.

My dangerous game rifles are all model 70 Winchesters! The same feel in my hands, same safety and trigger pull etc. The only difference would be the caliber being used. I do own varmint/predator rifles that are Remington, Ruger and custom made on both the 700 and model 70 actions.:)
I would buy the Sako.

I have a load of Remington 700's that I have rebarreled and blue printed or installed aftermarket bolts, I like the 700 action. However, if I was going buying a new, over the counter rifle, and had a chance to get a Sako at a similar price as the Remington, it would be the Sako.
if money isn't a big concern my choice would be a Remington 700 Sendero, an extremely nice gun, but in the end all of those options will shoot extremely well out of the box. You're best bet would be to shoulder each rifle, and buy the one that fits you best, because if the accuracy of the rifles will be the same (or within a very small margin) then what will most likely make more of a difference in your ability to shoot accurately will be how comfortable you are behind them.
Lets hope some one digs up a question from before the great war and bring it back to life. Wonder how many bites again- before some one see's it is not a current post ?
That would be some feat! :D
Lets hope some one digs up a question from before the great war and bring it back to life. Wonder how many bites again- before some one see's it is not a current post ?

Only in America
don't really care that it's not a current post! For whatever reasons, it's managed to get a new life and guys are still getting stuff out of it. I missed it first time around, and I've enjoyed it getting a new life. Seems I'm not alone!!!
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