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I'm wondering if someone can help me get more information on this rifle that was handed down to me from an old

friend of mine that passed away recently. He told me that this rifle has killed a deer every year he's owned it since

he was a small boy, and he expected me to continue that tradition. I've heard that these rifles are sometimes unsafe,

but I'm not sure why. I'm looking for a year and possibly a value, though I have no intentions of getting rid of it. Any

help would be greatly appreciated.

Winchester - Model 94 - 32 W.S. - SN#14349xx

(note last two digits of serial # edited out by moderator - MikeG)


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maltstan: According to my copy of The Winchester book by George Madis it was produced between 1942 and 1949. It appears records of annual production were either not maintained or lost for that period. I recently read a good reason not to give full serial numbers on the web. Apparently the bad guys cruise the web looking for such information at which point they file a claim of stolen property which they have just become "aware of".  Sometime later the police receive a tip as to the location as displayed on sites like this. Customary practice is to show a serial number as 12345XXX so as not to provide complete details. I don't know if this actually happens or not but it might be worthwhile to contact the host at Beartooth and have them delete that data. besto

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As a long time owner of Mdl 94's I wouldn't wory about the rumor of this rifle being "unsafe".
However a trip to a gunsmith familiar with Win 94's will confirm or deny it's suitablility for continued use.
These are not hi pressure cartridges and with normal use 94's will last several lifetimes.
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