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Starrbow has some good points...

Marlins do have better out of the box triggers, both are too heavy but can be adjusted.
Unfortunatly you cannot overcome the long take-up on the Winchester trigger without major alterations. There is a very good Tech tip on converting the new rebounding hammer Winchesters to the earlier hammer and lower tang - all it takes is money... that should have to be spent by the consumer.

I disagre that Marlins have "better" barrels. I have found more tight spots in Marlin barrels than Winchesters. In particular around the sight dovetails and where the word Marlin is stamped in the barrel, to a lesser extent where the front sight ramp is attached on some models.
Winchester barrels, in my experiance do not suffer from this - I have seen one exception.

The Winchester cross bolt safety is down right ugly and an affront to all sensible people. There is no good way to make the Winchesters safety acceptable, appearance wise.

I shoot a lot of cast bullets and have not found the Marlins easily removable bolt to be a great convience in cleaning. That said, the Winchesters really suffer in this regard with the cross bolt safety. When you need to remove the bolt on a Winchester you first must remove the safety - their is a small spring and ball detent that tend to "get away".

I have not found Winchester quality to be lacking.... Winchester blue is not as pretty.
I have had no trouble whatever scoping the modern Winchesters. They shoot well with scopes. I suggest Millett angle lock rings and a cheap coloumator...

If you plane to shoot lead bullets of rather blunt ogive, or cast pistol bullets (swc'rs) the Winchester will give less feeding problems.
My father delights in demonstrating his Winchester .357 Magnums ability to feed flush and button wadcutters, and any swc pistol bullet along with the RCBS 200 grains .35 cal gc bullets. It feeds without a glitch upside down right side up or laying on its side. This is a help when shooting from the bench as the Marlin will tend to drop the empty case and the next loaded round out onto the bench if you are tilting the rifle to save your brass. I have not found this to be inportant when hunting.

The Winchester is a little slimmer, the Marlin has that "solid feel" that comes from a little beefier reciever.
Set pictures of the two side by side, one or the other will call to you!
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