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There is no "simple" way to "adjust" the trigger on a Model 94 Winchester.  Unless you have considerable experience with trigger and sear work, it should be left to a good competent gunsmith as mentioned above.  The 35-50 dollars spent will be a good investment in the shootability of the gun, and you'll know that it is both safe and reliable.

When working on trigger and sear assemblies, always error on the safe side of too much sear engagement rather than too little, and if you don't have experience with this type of work, leave it to those who do!  There are plenty of other improvements that the home or hobby gunsmith can tackle with great success and satisfaction without attacking a trigger job and the potential safety hazards associated with an improperly modified trigger/sear assembly.

By all means get the gun to a gunsmith and tame the trigger pull and creep in the trigger, and you'll enjoy the rifle much more!

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