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I've got a real good friend and shooting buddy, Deane. Well Deane and I both have the same strange sense of humor. So while out at the range he was putting all of his shots low and to the left. I tried the revolver and it shot to point of aim for me, and it was shooting to point of aim for him the previous week.
So while Deane was spooling up for a fine cussing  himself out, I decided action was needed. So I pulled down a 50 Cal. ammo can and set it on the ground next to his left foot. That got his attention enough to ask what the blazes I was up to.
As patiently and convincingly as I could muster, I told him that since he was shooting low and to the left, he was out of level and needed a bit of shimming. So would he please put his left foot on the ammo can and proceed to shoot. Well it brought the shots back into the bullseye. So any time one of us seems to get in to consistantly misplaced shot placement, the other will suggest digging a hole if the shots are high, put two ammo cans down for standing on if the shots are low.
We even carry a shovel for leveling the shooting bench for those bad days.
You need to stand at least 5 inchs higher and the bullets will be right where you want them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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