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Mike - STA is Shooting Times Alaskan. STW = Shooting Times Westerner. This and the STE (Shooting Times Easterner) are all catridges published by Layne Simpson, a writer for (you guessed it) Shooting Times magazine.

The STA and STW are 8mm Rem Mag cases, the STA is .35 cal and the STW is 7mm. "7mm" cartridges normally have a bulled diameter of 0.284", give or take a thousandth. The metric conversion of 2.54 cm / inch yields an actual value for 7mm of 0.27559055118110236220472440944882" inches (sorry that's just what my calculator spit out, LOL, 0.276" is probably close enough). I guess 0.276" is probably pretty close the bore diameter (not groove diameter). Makes you wonder how catridges got named when the '.270' is actually a 7mm and the various '7mm' catridges are really 7.21mm.

The STE by the way, is 7mm and I forget what the parent case is, I think it might be one of the semi-rimmed Win Big Bore cases, like the .307 Win. It is intended for lever guns so a much smaller case than the big Alaskan & Westerner wildcats.

The 8mm Rem Mag is basically right between the .300 Weatherby and the .340 Weatherby. So that's why it kicks so hard, and probably why it never became all that popular. A .300 or .340 on that case becomes the Weatherby cartridge without the rounded shoulders or freebore.
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