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I enjoy reading about firearm wish lists, and am surprised the more manufacturers don't have a place for them on their web sites. Anyway, what rifle or rifle innovation would you like to see offered in today's market?

I have a long list, but one in particular seems like a no-brainer:

How about a 3 pound 22 Mag semi-auto with a 16 or 17 inch barrel?

I have the Taurus model 72 pump with 17 inch bbl at about 4 pounds, and there is no velocity loss in the short bbl. In a semi-auto scope mounting would be possible, and it would be easy to shave another pound off with composites and an alloy receiver. Recoil would be only 1.3 ft-lbs in a 3 pound rifle, and for general varminting and ranch use it would be very useful.
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It looks like MikeG has you pretty well squared away on the details on the cartridges I mentioned. The 7mm STE is indeed a .307 Winchester necked down with a sharper shoulder angle and case taper reduced in order to maximize case capacity. It is the rimmed version of the 7mm SGLC (Simpson's Good Little Cartridge) which is based on the 7mm-08 casing. I feel your pain in relation to the 8Mag. Every once in awhile I'll screw the muzzle brake off my .340 just to remind myself I'm not made of steel.

It's a shame that the 8Mag went away, as it was a good cartridge. The lack of bullets that would stand up to the velocity afforded by this cartridge, and the fact that it needed a magnum length action are most likely what did it in. Not to mention the fact that it was bracketed by several very capable 308 and 338 caliber magnums. I used to want one of these in the worst way and "settled" for a .340 Weatherby. The .340 is a .338 by the way, same bullets, different name. You can get all the power of the 8Mag, and then some, with the new crops of magnums. Having shot a lot of rifles, I think most people, myself included, are probably better served with cartridges based on the 30-06 casing than the magnums. There are too many of these to list, but the 338-06 would be an excellent choice for heavier game. The 280 (.284 or 7mm) Remington, one of my favorites, is everything the .270 (.277) is and a little more versatile. If you want a laser beam, the 7mm STW is it. Just make sure to keep the barrel cool or it won't last too long.
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I had an 8mm Mag for awhile when Remington was offering it as a factory rifle. The recoil didn't seem any greater than my 338, and the cartridge seemed to duplicate the results of the 338. There were two problems with rifle and chambering as far as I could see. One the BDL and custom shop issued stocks were very slim in the wrist and the round punished them very bad. The custom shop stock had reinforcing bolts, but the stock's wrist was way to slim to have those bolts place that far rearward. I split 3 custom shop stocks shooting factory loaded 220 grain Core-Lokts. I always checked to see if the screws were tight, bore was clean and unobstructed, but I never made entirely through that one box of loads.

Second was that during Remington's factory run of chambering, there were no premium bullets being made for it. It was often repeated that "the 8 Mag would never be a popular cartridge until Nosler introduced a Partition for it and Nosler would not offer a Partition for it until it was a popular cartridge."

Yes, it is a fine round. Will it do anything the 338 won't? Not in the field of any noticeable difference. The 338 has its niche in the medium bore lineup and the 8 Mag duplicates it's performance. The 700 stock design is pretty poor for rifles with that kind of recoil and Remington refused to do anything about it. Thus, my long standing feud with Remington. I ended up with a rifle from their custom shop that I couldn't shoot because their stock wouldn't stay together. After about 2 years of fighting with them about it, I traded for a No.1 in 338 and am perfectly content with the trade. Remington's 8 Mag was a great round, but that was a sorry rifle.
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Thanks guys! That is enough for the evening. As usual, if I keep asking, I keep learning. Gotta love this forum!!
Just wanted to clarify for our friend that the BULLET diameters for for 6, 6.5, 7, 8, and 9MM are .243, .264, .284, .323*, .and .355 inches respectively (*the 8MM also comes in .318). The difference between the true inch conversion and the bullet diameter is the depth of the groves.
Quiet, effective rifle, cheap and legal

I think the average shooter today isn't satisfied with a new gun unless he's blinded by muzzle blast, his eyes and shoulder hurt and his ears ring. They read too many gun rags. I've long had enough of that.

My most used rifles are a 24" Marlin Cowboy Limited .357 and a ca. 1870 single-shot break-open "rook" rifle which I rechambered from .360 No. 5 to accept .38 Special ammo. Factory .38 Special 148-gr. midrange wadcutters it gets about 870 f.p.s., shoots 2" with iron sights at 50 yards and makes no more noise than firing Mk. 23 "hushpuppy" loads in an MP5SD, or shooting Eley Tenex in a long barreled .22 match rifle. The difference is that it has a useful amount of energy, not like a .22. I also get very good accuracy with factory 158-gr. LRN .38 Special loads which give about 950 f.p.s. and shoot about 3" at 100 yards all day long and hit a 6" Colt Speed plate often enough at 200 yards with a little Tennessee elevation to make plinking interesting.

The quietest thing you can get today noise-wise is one of the 24" barreled Marlin Cowboy Limited, firing low velocity .38 Specials in it. The 24" barrel really isn't long enough to get it "cat sneeze" quiet with factory loads, but it's no louder than a .22 with high velocity. For really quiet shooting which doesn't disturb the neighbors you need to handload a soft lead 158-gr. bullet , with 2.7 grs. of Bullseye for about 850 f.p.s. in the 24" barrel. VERY quiet, and still quite effective on small game, wild turkey, groundhogs, and so I am told my a friend in Maine who uses the same outfit, the occasional deer in the garden, if you pick your shots and keep them within 50 yards. These days I want an effective rifle that's cheap and fun to shoot and "doesn't sound like a gun" and attract attention.

I would really like to see a very light H&R break-open single-shot with 28" thin tapered barrel, on the older style small receiver like the used to use for the .410 more and 28-ga. guns prior to WWII. The current versions are clubby because they use the same receiver whether the gun is a .410 or a 10-ga.! It should weigh no more than 6 pounds, be fitted with a white inlay XS products post sight and ghost ring peep having a threaded aperture, so that you can put a target disk in for load testing, and a hunting aperture for the woods. Chamber it in .357 Magnum so you have the option of full power hunting loads for deer, but use .38 Special in it most of the time for quiet suburban popping.

Keep the price affordable so everybody can get it at Walmart. If they made similar versions in .25-20, .32-20 and .32 H&R Magnum they'd also make very nice small game rifles, but the .38 Special / .357 Mag. combo with an extra 26" modified choke 3" magnum 20-ga. barrel is perfect for the gentleman farmer's, rancher or bush pilot's utility and woods walker and is the only one they need to make.
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Ed -

I really like the quiet handloads too...lots of fun trying different combos. I once had a 35 Whelen witha 24 inch bbl and tried some 158 gr lead.357 pistol bullets infrom of Universal at 950 fps. Again, this is a "pop" and sounds nothing like a firearm. Accuracy at 50 yards with a scope is cloverleafs all day long...the 1 in 14 twist does not signofocantly over stabilize at the low velocities and nary a trace of lead in the bore.

I think the excess case capacity sort of counts as "ineffective expansion ratio" and even the gas exiting the muzzle is subsonic.

By the way, if you happen to live off of Sleepy Hollow road, I have been to your house when I worked for Delta Research Corp back in the late 80's. If not, the is a very nice Ed Harris there with a great gun collection...
Hi, Gents:
Just a little history. The .275 H&H had a few problems besides the lack of good bullets. It was a me-too cartridge, designed to compete with the .280 Ross. As Ross Seyfried noted in his article on the Ross in Rifle #187, Jan. 2000, the slowest available powders were equivalent to 4064, so I expect a few pressure excursions occurred. Then the death of Sir George Grey, when he failed to stop a charging lion with a Ross, sent hunters back to the .375 H&H and the big bores.

It is truely amazing that it takes proximity to "light a fire" in someone's endocrine system. There is no way you could get me close enough to be caught by a lion, let alone stand there and wait till the last possible moment to shoot a little peice of lead in a charging animal, let alone one pissed off lion.

I guess to each their own, I prefer yardage, don't care if I have to aim 9' over target or not, as long as I can smack with big projectile at a good distance!

Some folks sport is "Nerves, who's gottem'?" and some, "Projection of imapact - how good am I?"
LOADER, I too wish they would come out with something to let me use heavier bullets in my 1/4 bore 06, it sure would makes things much easyier around these parts and enhance my love of the 25-06.:)
My wish list, oh boy is this easy. First and foremost, the sun setting of the 94 Crime Bill. Second and just as important to me, repealing the 86 law that prohibits a non SOT civi from owning a machine gun made after May 86 or sear made after May 86. Dare I wish for the repeal of the '68 GCA??? How about the return of our freedoms? How's that for a wish list item? Maybe then we can work on getting rid of the some of the more stupid gun control laws. Maybe we could wake up in the morning and those trying to ban even more guns and cartridges would just be gone, never existed. California would turn conservative as would New York, and Hillary and Bill Clinton would just be another name in the phone book. Hey, if we are going to have wishes, I am not going to squander them on a pistol or rifle, I'm going for the whole enchilada.
2bits -

I have a project in mind that would barrel an '06 length action with a 25-06 chamber, but with a 1 in 8.5 twist rate. This will stabilize up to 160 gr RN or 140 gr spitzer BTs. Hawk bullets can make them for me.

The 25-06 is a 1 in 10 twist and won't stabilize these long bullets, so the regular bullet suppliers don't make them.
You are absolutely right Big Bore! This stuff is bigger than any individual weapon, although I still want a Browning BLR in 450 Marlin!:)
Loader that idea suits me just fine and dandy! It would sure make the little quarter bore a lot more versital for sure. It's getting the bullets that might prove to be a problem down the road.

I would think a handloader could get somewhere in the area of 2400 to 2500 fps with a 160 grain bullet and will take a guess that "sectional density" would be close to the .300 status.
Big Bore........Please don't get me started on your subject matter! The problem with shooter's, gun owner's and hunter's alike in this country it failure to get off there A$$'s and quote "ORGANIZE" against the so called Liberal faction that is slowly but surely taking our gun rights away.

Now have you ever seen 100,000 hunters and gun owners march down in front of the White House in DC? The farmers did it years back and blocked traffic for two days with their machinery, to get their point across to Congress, it also helped get them want their were wanting in the first place.

The only thing a politician understands or concerns theirselves with is VOTES! Now when they see the numbers in the streets and the media picks up on it, well things then start to happen and not until..........AMEN!
2Bits -

You are in for a treat, because 25-06FT, "Fast Twist" will come within 40 fps of the 6.5-06 in the heavy bullet dept. The 160gr RNs will breeze along at 2700 fps, and the 140s will make 2900. This makes sense, as they are the exact same rounds except the 25 is .007 smaller in the bore.

SD for the 160 grainer is .346 and the 140 is .303, very impressive.

The 25-06 in current configuration has a lot of unused case capacity, and one needs a heavier, slower bullet to use it all effectively. Well, that means long, and long means faster twist...pretty simple.
LOADER!...... I got to be having one of those "FAST TWISTS 1/4 Bores"........Amen! If the numbers are correct, it is a one gun hunts most all exception would be bears in the USA. My 338 mag or 45/70 will head that department as usual.

So how's about filling me in on how to get my hands on one of these seemingly all around rifles? Hurry times a wastin and I ain't getting any younger.;) I can just see it now by golly, a lightweight rifle with 21 inch barrel for the black timber and lots of sectional density in it's bullets for penetration on elk in the high country.

Now before I get hung out to dry by some hard core bigger caliber is better for elk hunters shaking their head, I just want to say that I know a man who hunted and killed many an elk with a .243 Winchester. I have used everything from a .270, 30-06, 300 Win mag, 338-06, 35 Whelen and the 375 H&H magnum for bringing down elk. The 1/4 Bore would be a feather in my hat.:)
2 Bits

Which .338? You mean like my .338/.378 Weatherby. 45/70 is good but why not graduate up to the .450 Marlin :D
I know ther are many calibers to choose from but remember,Triple 4, 45/70, 356, and the venerable 450 Marlin, all leverguns, all you will ever need. Oh, yeah, I have a 22-250 BLR for the wee stuff! I think Zep will support me on this one.
ZEPPLIN......I got a couple of .338's! Gave away my 338/06!
Why that 338/378 has got to be one heck of a long range elk or mule dear smacker. I remember once a fellow who was carrying such a rifle hunting elk, the only problem was when he touch er off, on that big bull he was looking at through the scope, it bought all the pine needles showering down on him like green snow. The muzzle break sounds off like a Sherman Tank firing on the line.

I just think it would be great to go out next year and hunt elk with that caliber LOADER is speaking about, it certainly has a lot going for itself.

Lindsey, I know all about that Triple 4 (mine are Marlin) and the legendary 45/70 too. I don't want to drop you cake, but I just don't really consider these as open elk country tools of the trade, get my drift. I'll save em for the moose and black bear hunts in the woods.
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