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Wolf Seminar in Bozeman, MT

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FYI, from WTP:

WHO: Jim Beers, former Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations

WHAT: Public presentation on fraud and deceit employed in the dangerous wolf "reintroduction" program

WHEN: Sunday, May 16, 2010

WHERE: Gran Tree Inn in Bozeman, Montana

Jim Beers, former Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations, will address the lies, deceit and fraud employed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the state wildlife agencies in Montana and Idaho and environmental groups to illegally introduce Canadian wolves where they were never native, nor endangered.

His presentation begins at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 16, 2010, at the Gran Tree Inn in Bozeman, Montana. Admission is free.

"This is the first time I have spoken exclusively on this subject of all the violations of law committed by government bureaucrats, non-governmental organizations, Washington lobbyists and political appointees who introduced and spread wolves in the West," states Jim Beers, who worked in various capacities with USFWS for 32 years.

He is probably best known for his role in exposing the USFWS theft of up to $60 million from funds collected as excise taxes on sporting firearms, ammunition and fishing tackle. This money is to be distributed back to state wildlife agencies for habitat improvement and to provide greater outdoor opportunities for sportsmen. (In 2009, the amount divided nationwide totaled more than $700 million.) The millions embezzled by USFWS went into a slush fund used for agency appointee bonuses and for other unauthorized purposes. Beers claims one of those purposes was to provide illegal funding for reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone – funding Congress refused to provide.

Other wolf introduction issues he will address include the improper and illegal manner in which federal and state wildlife agencies justified wolf introduction, the false claims made by these agencies and how the legal intervention by environmental organizations, such as the Defenders of Wildlife, is very much to blame for the dramatic drop in elk, deer and other big game numbers.

There will be an hour long question and comment period following the presentation, followed by an hour long reception.

This presentation is wholly sponsored by Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd. Its purpose is to unify those who have been harmed by the illegal forced introduction of wolves by federal and state wildlife agencies and to fund a lawsuit to put an end to the destruction wolves are dealing our wildlife resources.

Every sportsman who hunts, or anyone who just enjoys watching wildlife, needs to attend this presentation.
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Ya'll Gotta Go

Thanks for posting this matt. The hunters,hikers,mountain bikers,remote type fishermen,guides,etc,would be crazy not to attend this event.

As stated in the past posts,I had to deal with some of the pro wolf people in Maine. They are called the "Maine Wolf Coalition" there. They are stronger than is evident,with funding from all over the country,especially NY,NJ,CT,VT,MA,and others. They tell their *** story to doctors and lawyers and solicit huge sums of money from these people. They are generally bunny huggers and tree huggers and jump at a cause to save absolutely anything.

At first they tried to say that the gray wolf was an "native species" to Maine also until they were outed at a huge rally in Augusta,Maine. They tried to make people believe that they were in Maine waaaay back in the year ____,and the white settlers "killed em all".

Ya'll up in that neck of the woods need to show up. You can bet you bootie the pro wolf types will muster their crew for this event.

You are doing a great service to the afore mentioned people all over the area,matt. Would suggest that you post this info where ever allowable.

Thanks from a (now) Florida boy. -----pruhdlr
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Understand Also......

.......the hard core pro wolf people care more about protecting the wolves than humans. This was very evident at some of the Maine Wolf Coalition meetings that I went to(uninvited of course).

These are people with(unfortunately) lots more resolve than your average hunter and/or outdoor enthusiast. The hardcore pro wolf people do not care about the long term effects that wolf introduction would cause.

Our area in Maine was very rural. During the winter months the primary economy was kept alive with the out of state snowmobilers. Where I lived you could go 30-50 miles on the state groomed trails between towns. At a meeting to discuss the introduction(NOT reintroduction)of the gray wolf I asked the following question. "Given that a dense population of wolves will all but wipe out the coyote population,would you rather experience a broken down snowmobile on one of our rural trails,at night,with coyotes in the area,or wolves"?? A senior member of the Maine Wolf Coalition spoke up and stated,"wolves were here first,they were in these woods long before there were snowmobiles,man has invaded there territory,we will just have to learn how to deal with it". I asked,"if you was riding with your 8 year old daughter and broke down would you still feel the same way"?? He answered,"yes I would". I felt that his answer was indeed truthful.

This is what the ho-hum types of outdoorsmen are up against. We need to acquire some stronger feelings about wolf introduction. We need to get passionate about it. As they introduce....we need to hunt them. NOT WITH POISON. Legally,with firearms if possible.

UNFORTUNATELY.....there are how many firearms owners in America...? many of which belong to the NRA ?? Same with the anti wolf introduction movement. Us sportsmen waaaaay outnumber the pro wolf people...BUT...they ware waaaay more passionate about their cause that we are about ours.

Go to the meetings,get involved,speak up,and mainly, get armed with the provable facts.----pruhdlr
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Seen It !!

I've seen this with moose in Maine and alligators in Florida.

First off the "official" count is always 30% or so,LOW. Next, the state legislature always votes low on the total amount of tags issued. After the hunt is over with 50-75% of the tags were filled.

Sooooo....putting this all together a state will kill.....MAYBE .....10-15% of what it should be killing. Happens all the time(unfortunately). Something else to ponder ---> in Maine,the anti-hunters/moose lovers would put in for a tag then sit on it or get a rally together and publically burn their tags.----pruhdlr
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