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Working up in line loads...

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I'm interested in hearing any "methods" or tricks for working up a load for my inline. (I have a Traditions Yukon .50) I've been using 80 gr of 777, a 295 gr Powerbelt Aeorotip and Win 777 primers for 2 years now. I just started playing around with Blackhorn 209, APP, and Pyrodex RS, different primers and bullets, both sabots and full bore sabotless. The Yukon will hold "minute of deer" easily out to 100 with what I have been using, I just want to see what it is capable of. So many options with components, I need a method to my madness. I guess it just boils down to getting a particular bullet with "x" amount of powder and brand "x" type of primer... How do I know when I need to up or drop my powder charge? When the bullet is too heavy or too light, when the primer is too hot, or not enough flame...:eek:
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Have you had any problems with the falling block, (or firing pin housing) on your Genesis? I've got about 50 shots through mine and the face (breech plug side) is getting hammered! I'm going to have to find a replacement soon or make one out of some stainless at the machine shop. I assume the primer is whacking it under recoil, it is prettly sloppy in the aluminum block, I can't complain much, the whole gun with scope was only $75.00 from a Traditions "Special Offer". Shoots great, I just want it to last longer than it looks like it will.
Ah, my Yukon is different. (I just pulled up a Remington Genesis Owners Manual.) The breech block is different. The Yukon breech block that I have drops straight down. Mine has a ton of play in it, when it is in the closed and ready to go position. **** it will give me a good project to work on when hunting season ends! The rifle is light enough, and the barrel is heavy enough, a steel breech block and receiver, (frame or whatever) would actually balance it out... **** I might just get a Vortek or an Accura. What do you think?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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