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A 12 year old kid built a stand 40 ft up in a Willow tree. It was just a 2x4 wedged into the fork of a tree. At first light, he saw a big buck with some other deer about 600-700 yards off going the other way. Since the wind was blowing the tree back and forth, and the crosshairs were settling somewhere on the herd of deer, he pulled the trigger. But nothing fell.

About thirty minutes later, here came that big buck following a hot doe right under the tree he was sitting in, a 20 yard shot.

The buck had one front leg hanging by the skin, and still wanted to mate a doe. Now that's a Macho buck.

Since that kid was me, and that deer is still hanging on my wall today, I have developed much more patience for young hunters and their enthusiastic mistakes

I can't wait for season to start
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