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WSM - Barrels too short?

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I have never fired a WSM so don't get Mad!

I have read and talked to several people who have had
Exposure to the three available rounds and it seems
That in relation to their "power" they present more recoil
and larger group sizes i.e. double (2" - 2 1/2" Plus).
I met two 1000 yard shooters at a Gun Flea market
recently and they were crazy about the rounds, but
were shooting custom made guns (26" barrels).
Here goes - Too much powder for a short barrel (24"),
in the current factory Guns available.

A 300 Win Mag normally is in a 26" barrel and has a
big following.
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I don't see any problems with the WSM's. I've handloaded for the 300WSM and had no problems getting sub MOA. 150BT and 165 Sierra HPBT (hunting bullet) both came in around 3/4" /3shots. As to barrel length, my buddy loves the compactness of the overall package.
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