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I do not know exactly why I started using the internet for a hobby information source. I guess for about 2 years. I was lucky that the first site I kind of settled on was That started me out with a standard and I settled in on it and Beartooth. I gained nearly all my knowledge of reloading and handgun shooting through these sites. I would surf around a little to see what was out there but always wound up back where I started. After my looking around I think I know why this site, handgunhunt, and russian-mosin-nagant ( for my Milsurp interest) are the best ones out there, bar none.

Knowledgable, friendly and giving people. You can tell the moderators are chosen with this in mind and it runs through every thread. Let's face it. The sportsman is an individual. He is strong in his beliefs and usually not afraid to fight for what he knows is right. This is not the kind of person that you would think could be friendly and giving, and some of us are not) but thereis something about hunting and fishing and shooting that yearns for comerodery. We come together for the common good. We tolerate those who have not got to where we may be because we have been where they are and we want them to grow and even surpase our level if they can. We do it for the future of the sport and we do it willingly even though our own path of enjoyment may be side tracked for a while.

That's why the above sites are heads above all the rest. Not that the other sites don't come close and don't try to instill the same values, it's just that these do it so well.

Thanks for allowing me to ramble on but someone who has received so much just had to give praise to to the ones that have given.  THANKS

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